Stratocom has revolutionized mass data capture by employing proprietary aerial technology to read and secure utility meter data.

Stratocom is replacing costly, time-consuming and inefficient ground-based meter reading by capturing meter data from the air. Stratocom’s innovative aerial data collection technology eliminates the need for physical meter reading and with a read capture rate up to 99.6%. There is no room for human error or need for estimates. 


Stratocom Is The Most
Trusted Go-to Meter
Reading Partner.

  • The aircraft and sensor technology employed by Stratocom is patentable and exclusive to Stratocom

  • Our high compliance standards help safeguard utilities from possible liabilities. We ensure certifications are held to regulate operations, pilots, and maintenance, ensuring that our utility partners are at the heart of our safety concerns. 

  • Our fleet of aircraft ensures we have the ability to always adhere to our schedule commitments.

  • We carry all the necessary insurance to provide comprehensive coverage for the widest range of possible aviation and commercial liabilities.

  • Stratocom is engaged with experts at UBC to improve our product and services to our clients. Stratocom through our innovate data collection services makes sure our customers are provided with the best options for their operations. Just like we pioneered Aerial meter reading to provide them the most efficient and accurate way. 

“Stratocom was able to collect in five minutes what it took personnel several hours to complete driving.”
– Apex Utilities

Keeping utilities, their customers and the environment happy!

The benefits of switching to aerial meter reading are directly transferable to your customers. While you have greater financial predictability, your customers enjoy a less intrusive reading and increased billing accuracy resulting in fewer customer complaints.

Faster, Safer, Greener

The technology used is proven to be upto 99.6% accurate, easy to use in all weather conditions and greener than drive-by meter reading, lowering the carbon footprint of data collection by up to 85%.



Aerial Meter Reading (AMR)

Still driving around to get meter readings? Let us do it for you on the fly.

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Transmitter Installation + Reading

Let’s put an end to
manual meter

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Utilities Using our Turnkey Solutions

The Aerial Meter Reading Advantage


Up to 99.6%

Large Fleet

Reliable in all weather conditions


More Meter Reads in Less Time

Low Cost

No overhead


Lower Carbon Footprint