Stratocom championed
the use of aerial meter
reading in 2011.

We first tested our technology in 2011 by aerially reading meters in a 3.5km area for a natural gas company. The test revealed an 85% reduction in reading time compared to the traditional drive-by method. Since then, Stratocom has been unstoppable. We have refined the process and developed patent-pending technologies to collect mass data from smart meters aerially, increasing efficiency and decreasing carbon footprint. 

Building The Future of Aerial Data Collection

As part of the INDROTEK GROUP OF COMPANIES, the pioneers in aerial robotics and drone defense, Stratocom has priority access to cutting-edge RPAS technology. In the next few years, there will be an exciting shift in how meters are read as ultra long-range drones (4hr+ continuous flight time) become commercially viable. This will revolutionize several industries like aerial data collection, delivery services, security, search and rescue, to name a few.


”We appreciate the professionalism of the Stratocom staff. Our reads are collected efficiently, accurately, and in a timely fashion. We are extremely happy with their service.”

– Harvest Hills Gas Co-op Ltd.



Efficient, Accurate and Reliable meter reading through aviation.

The smartest meter reading system by far.

Our Team

Darren Miller

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Sheri Rempel

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Philip Reece

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Rick Unrau

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Daphne Smith
Operational Field Manager

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Jacqueline Davenport

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Who we are

We are Innovators. We use our creative and technological edge to design and implement solutions to the growing challenges in the industries we serve. Being pioneers in the industry for seeing the future innovations, for adopting and introducing technology. We are experienced leaders with certified pilot who never risk safety.

What we do 

Our goal is to create something that will shape the future of Utilities in a fast paced world while benefiting the communities and environment as a whole. We are credible and trustworthy in the delivery of our service which allows the established customer like utilities to trust us and adopt change.


Our Core Values

At Stratocom Solutions, an exceptional customer experience is core to our business. To achieve continuous success, we embody these core values with every customer, every time:

  • Customer-commitment
  • Accountability
  • Value Delivered
  • Quality
  • Innovation
  • Technology
  • Integrity



”Stratocom has that small company feel with big company quality. We wonder sometimes if their team even sleeps! We are very impressed with the hardworking Stratocom team and the dependable service they provide. They are quick to respond to emails and calls, our readings are delivered on time, and their reliable aerial collection has been a huge cost and time saver for our company. If the weather is treacherous they always communicate their plans with us and we know they’re doing their best to keep everyone safe while still meeting our deadlines.”

– Crossroads Gas Co Op