Taking good care of our planet is at the heart of our decision-making and a driver of our innovations.

In our efforts to lower our carbon footprint, we are following a growth model that promotes the development of sustainable business practices. Stratocom, a member of the Indrotek group of companies, has been earmarked as a leader in the meter reading industry for ecologically-minded aerial data collection. Using aircraft equipped with specialized electronics and proprietary technology, Stratocom has successfully deployed an environmentally friendly aerial meter reading system that drastically reduces data collection time and carbon footprint by as much as 85%. 

Utilities now have the opportunity to reduce emissions by upgrading from drive-by to aerial meter readings to get their data. 

In the US alone, the transportation sector produces 28% of total national emissions making it the largest sector to contribute to emissions. Over 50% of the transportation sector’s emissions stem from four wheeled vehicles. Data from around the world displays a similar pattern. This trend of high emissions in the sector has, instead of abating, shown a steady increase over the last three decades. Stratocom found the opportunity to create the change where the shift to a more environmentally friendly mode of transport for data collection would be greatly felt. 

Currently, Stratocom is replacing carbon-heavy, drive-by meter reading with aerial data collection by airplanes, however, our emerging technologies are heading towards further reducing the carbon footprint by employing Remotely Piloted Aviation Systems (RPAS) to collect data.

That is the future we are building, and we are at the forefront of it.


Stratocom’s aerial meter reading system can drastically reduce data collection time and carbon footprint by as much as 85%.