Stratocom has successfully developed an environmentally friendly aerial meter reading system that drastically reduces data collection time and carbon footprint by as much as 85%. 

Stratocom provides aerial meter reading services to natural gas, water, and electrical utilities. Using aircraft equipped with specialized electronics and proprietary technology, we are able to rapidly read AMR and/or ERT (Encoder Receiver Transmitter) equipped meters. This service provides utilities with lower reading costs and with up to 99.6% read capture rate, it cuts down the need for bill estimates. 

Upgrading from drive-by to aerial readings reduces emissions for a more environmentally friendly way to get your data.

With excellent data accuracy, reduced cost and emissions, there is no better aerial data collection service provider than Stratocom.


Superior Data Accuracy:

Up to


Read Capture Rate.


Estimate Reads.
Reduce Collection
Time, Cost &

The Stratocom Advantage:

Our business practices are built around our UTILITIES’ best interests. We carry
all the necessary insurance and mandate that certifications are held to
regulate operations, pilots, and maintenance.

Say YES to readings that:

The Evolution of Remote Meter Reading for Gas, Water and Electric Utilities

We fly over your service area on a monthly basis for reliable, fast and economical data capture.

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“Stratocom has been providing exceptional service to Rockyview Gas Co-op for a number of years. We have been extremely pleased with the turnaround time with regard to receiving our reads and the communication that is offered to keep us informed on the status of our reads request. The Stratocom team is very easy to deal with and are very professional.”

– Rockyview Gas Co-op