Still reading your meters manually?

Switching to faster, safer and greener data collection is easy with Stratocom. As a part of our turnkey solutions, we take care of meter/transmitter installation and reading. 


A transmitter equipped meter makes physical meter reading unnecessary. An ERT is a computerized recording and encoding device with a built-in radio transmitter that can record electric, gas and water readings, then transmit that data to a remote data collector.

Stratocom modernizes old analog meters and makes them ready for aerial data capture. This is a more cost-effective solution for utilities that aren’t ready to invest in new AMR meters.

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Stratocom is the preferred aerial meter reading service provider for utilities that want a sustainable way to replace costly, labor-intensive and time-consuming manual and drive-by meter readings.

Regardless of which meter brands are deployed in your service area, Stratocom enables those meters with ERT technology. We work in tandem with many of the major meter manufacturers to install new AMR meters and ensure your seamless transition to aerial meter reading. 

Using advanced encryption technology, Stratocom ensures data security from the point of capture to storage and transmission. 

With a read capture rate of up to 99.6%, aerial meter reading is the better, faster and more economical alternative to manual and drive-by meter reading.

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The weather in central Alberta is challenging to say the least and they have always found a way to deliver. Probably one of the best and most appreciated things my staff would like to testify to is the human element. They have worked with our staff to overcome any issues we may encounter.

– Burnt Lake Gas