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Aerial Data Collection

Stratocom offers a wide range of solutions for mass data capture that opens doors to locate, measure, analyze, read and secure assets and infrastructure. Our methods and broad area of technologies provide a more efficient, environmentally friendly, and accurate result than traditional methods.

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Meter Reading

Stratocom provides aerial meter reading to natural gas, water and electrical utilities. Using aircraft equipped with specialized electronics we are able to read meters in a specified area, unobtrusively at flight levels up to 9,000 feet. This service provides customers with lower reading costs, increased accuracy by reducing estimated reads, and as a result of a 99.6% read capture rate, is safer for employees. It is also more environmentally friendly, reducing emissions with the decrease of vehicular use. Customers experience far superior data accuracy by reducing human error as well as customer complaints by not having to enter private premises.

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Encoder Receiver Transmitters (ERT's) Installs

Stratocom installs ERT's required in order to obtain automated meter readings remotely. An ERT is a computerized recording and encoding device with a built-in radio transmitter. These devices record gas and water readings by encoding the information; and transmitting the reading to a remote data collector. Once an ERT is installed, Automatic Meter Reading(AMR) is then available at that meter and Stratocom is able to collect the data aerially.

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Data Security

Securing data begins at the point of capture, through to storage and all transmissions. In our platform, data is encrypted and stored in a pseudonymous state to protect end-client privacy, while keeping our utility and infrastructure partners on the right side of ever changing legislation.

Aerial Leak Survey

Aerial Leak Survey

Stratocom has developed the process to aerially leak detect high pressure pipelines using state-of-the-art laser technology, mounted on a drone delivery system. As part of the INDROCORP Group of Companies, Stratocom uses Beyond Visual Line of Site (BVLOS) technology to deliver accurate methane leak survey results to infrastructure owners. This quiet, unobtrusive method of leak detection means no more seeking permission to enter private property or the spreading of diseased agricultural spores from one farmer’s field to another. From production through processing and transmission, to distribution; an impressive number of applications can be realized using this leak survey method. Competitive costs and accurate results also provide an electronic audit trail for operators and Regulators alike.